Energy-saving synchronous rectifier power supply

Energy-saving synchronous rectifier power supply

Wenbo series power supply-technical advantages

1. With advanced soft-switching inverter technology as the core, the main control system adopts unique multi-loop control technology to ensure product reliability and high-precision control performance.

2. The main high-frequency transformer is made of nano-based materials, and the imported high-power insulated gate bipolar transistor "IGBT" module is the main power device to ensure the quality.

3. Advanced heat dissipation design concept and multiple heat dissipation methods complement each other to ensure the stability of the product.

4. Fully digital design, with single-chip microcomputer and DSP as CPU for more control. It supports bus control, and can build a control power system, which is easy to manage and improve efficiency.

5. Modular power-off design. Through the design of N+1 redundant power supply system, capacity expansion can be realized, the reliability and availability of the power supply system can be improved, the repair and maintenance time can be shortened, and the enterprise can generate greater benefits.

Wenbo series power supply-product features

1. High stability: advanced technology, imported core components, strict quality control, complete protection functions, and comprehensively improve product stability.

2. High-precision control: high-frequency switch control, fast response speed, output control accuracy up to 1% in the whole process.

3. Good power saving effect: higher working efficiency, higher power factor, and 15%~30% power saving compared with silicon controlled rectifier. The synchronous rectification power supply of the same power saves 10% of electricity compared with the ordinary high frequency power supply, and the output waveform is better.

4. Small size and light weight: 1/5 ~ 1/10 of silicon controlled rectifier, easy to handle and install.

5. Complete protection function: It has protections for phase loss, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, overcurrent, overheating, (water shortage), etc., and fully protects the equipment.

Wenbo series power supply-basic parameters:

Input voltage: AC220V 50HZ, AC380V 50HZ (can be customized according to customer needs)

Output voltage: 0-20000V (can be customized according to customer needs)

Output current: 0-50000A (can be customized according to customer needs)

Stabilization accuracy: ≤±1%

Steady current accuracy: ≤±1%

Stable mode: stable current and voltage limit, voltage stabilization and current limit can be switched

Adjustment range: current/voltage is continuously adjusted within 0-99% of the rated value

Cooling method: air-cooled, air-cooled + water-cooled, water-cooled, oil-cooled

Control mode: local control, remote control box control, RS485 remote control, PLC remote control (can be customized according to customer needs)

Working limit: can be operated at full load

Function selection: one-way pulse, two-way pulse, periodic automatic commutation

Application field

Electroplating industry: zinc plating, tin plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, cadmium plating, copper plating, lead plating, silver plating, gold plating, alloy plating, imitation gold plating, etc.;

Oxidation industry: aluminum oxidation, aluminum alloy oxidation, anodic oxidation, hard oxidation, micro-arc oxidation, etc.;

Electrolysis industry: electrolysis of copper, manganese, antimony, silver and other non-ferrous metals, electrolytic polishing, electrolytic purification, electrolysis of water for hydrogen production, gas electrolysis, electrolysis of sewage, electrolytic degreasing, electrolytic pickling, and smelting of rare earths such as neodymium and boron;

Electrophoresis industry: electrophoretic painting power supply;

Other industries: single crystal furnace heating power supply, electric arc furnace power supply, pipeline heating power supply, graphite rod heating power supply, aluminum foil corrosion forming power supply, coloring power supply, DC power supply, nitrogen trifluoride gas electrolysis power supply, nitrogen hexafluoride gas electrolysis power supply, Tungsten hexafluoride gas electrolysis power supply, plasma power supply, pulse purification power supply, etc.

Our company's products can be customized according to customer needs of various specifications and sizes of power supply rectifiers. All products purchased in our company can enjoy one-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance, and can train maintenance personnel for customers free of charge.